Critical Math Advisors, LLC

Firm History

For more than 20 years, Lewis Arno, President of Critical Math Advisors, has been providing investment advisory services to high net worth individuals. Over the course of that period, he has developed investment models which, in combination, seek an overall objective of reducing risk in down markets and maximizing returns in up markets. Equity clients were safely invested in the money market during the "Black Monday" market crash in October 1987, the Persian Gulf War in August 1990, the Russian-Asian crisis in August 1998, and the 9/11 attacks in September 2001.

In 2003, Lew was named one of the top ten portfolio managers of that year by Roger Schreiner's Select Advisors, BTS Asset Management, Standard & Poors Investment Advisory LLC, and Rydex Global Advisors.

In 2006, in conjunction with the launch of the Adaptive Allocation Fund (formerly known as the Critical Math Fund), Critical Math Advisors, LLC was formed. The primary focus of the firm is to serve as advisor to the Adaptive Allocation Fund and Adaptive Allocation Portfolio (available through the Midland National Life Vector Variable Annuity). Lew has most of his own liquid investable assets in the Adaptive Allocation Fund/Portfolio. After all, he believes that one should have faith in his own endeavor.

Please remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results. The above information refers to equity clients of Lew Arno prior to the creation of Critical Math Advisors. It should not be assumed that our clients were, in the past or will be in the future, out of the market during all negative market events or in the market during all positive market events. Performance information for Critical Math Advisors as represented by the mutual fund we manage. Current performance information is available by clicking performance or by calling 1-866-263-9260.

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